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March 4, 2010

March Break – a story of Jekyl and Hyde

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With March Break quickly approaching things once again go into Jekyl and Hyde mode here at the offices.  While most students are winding down and packing up their dorm rooms about 200 of our Club Sports Athletes are packing for Spring training trips.  7 teams are traveling to warmer locales like Georgia, Virgina, and Ireland!

Ireland, crazy stuff right?  Yes, especially when Neward airport experiences weather related issues that ground their flights our of Burlington.  How to get 25 ruggers to Dublin?  Well first you have to chat with the airline and get their flights switch to Manchester, NH.  Fantastic!  But how do you get to Manchester from Burlington?  Well you frantically call around until finally a bus company agrees to take you on short notice and defer payment until returning from the trip!  Crisis averted.

And then back to calm with students finishing up mid-terms and excited about their spring break plans or just a week off from school.  But then, crisis stirkes again….several clubs want to leave but there might not be enough vans back for their departure time….scramble scramble scramble…and it all works out….back to surfing the web until next time….

Our latest Club Sports Commerical, for your enjoyment:


February 2, 2010

National Girls and Women in Sports Day

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This nationally sponsored event is taking place in parks, gyms, and homes around the country over the course of this week and at the University of Vermont we are proud to support nationwide initiatives to promote and support the feminine gender in their pursuit of athletic excellence.

We are hosting a very cool contest here at UVM to hear the voices of our campus on this issue.  The winners will be published next week.  Additionally our Women’s Hockey team is leading and sponsoring a youth clinic before their game with Northeastern this weekend.

For more on the day in general go here:

To learn more about our contest:

Watch amazing USA hockey player Angela Ruggiero talk a little about Women and Sports.

January 29, 2010

Because we think everyone should dance at Nationals….

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This one from the Field Hockey club who in only their third full year of recognition qualified for Nationals and just narrowly missed the final four.  Below is their story:

Going to NATIONALS at VA Beach!! 11 hour drive south through a hurricane, we made it but to lose to Virginia Tech as they tied up the game with a few minutes left. We went into overtime strokes and they won 3-2. After our loss we took team photos and we all went out to the parking lot to put our things away and to get snacks. We started up a dance party in the parking lot. Just showing off our moves and having a good time with each other. Laughing away the fact that we just lost, and ended our season. It was a great moment for us as a team and to really enjoy each other in the moment. 6th in the Nation!

January 25, 2010

When your laid over at the airport – Sand Storm dance

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The Women’s Club soccer team ventured to Arizona this past fall for the NIRSA national championship event.  This is team President Avery Hurst performing her famous Sand Storm dance for all the passerbys at Ohare Airport.

January 22, 2010

A few more fun stories

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So one week down in the Spring semester already with our schedule meeting and workshops out of the way.  With practicing starting this upcoming week, here are a few more stories from the road last semester.

From Men’s volleyball:

In order to avoid being charged the extra money per person for hotel rooms, we always just have some team members go in the front door of the hotel and other sneak in a side door that we open for them, or we take turns walking in the hotel in small groups. This has always worked, and come on, paying additional money per person is nuts since we all share the beds anyways and aren’t taking up any additional space. So back in October, we had our plan to sneak in the second half of the team through a side door of this hotel in a pretty shady looking part of Massachusetts. When the first group of us walked in, the manager asked if there were any more of us to which we said there were not. When I went to the side door to let the rest of the team in, the manager was there waiting for me with another hotel employee. The manager then starts yelling at me, “Why did you lie to me huh?” When replying that I did not know what he was talking about, he kicks the door open and points to the rest of our team waiting by our van. Apparently, the other hotel employee had seen us pull in with the van and they assumed that we did not just have four people traveling with us so they went to the side door and caught the rest of our team waiting by the door. After flipping out on me for a few minutes, the manager says how he is going to charge us for the extra people, which he could have just done in a calm manner when I first came to the door to let my team in. However, he had to go the dramatic route and bust the door in just to make his point. For the rest of the night, whenever we left our room we could see the manager keeping constant watch on us like he was expecting us to do something else. He was the only hotel employee I have ever met in my three years on the team that has ever cared about us having more than 2 people in a room.

January 7, 2010

More stories from club sports land

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Greetings Club Sports blog followers.  As promised, a couple more stories from the wide world of club sports.

Catamount Dance Crew:

“When we were performing at the Haunted Forest, we performed it 55 times and had to perform in plastic ponchos because it was raining really hard.. it kind of ruined the authenticity of being zombies.. we were in all black with make-up and whenever we moved it made a swishy noise…”

Snowboard Team:

The Snowboard team and freestyle ski team held their second annual dodgeball competition this fall as they awaited the snow.  With the series tied and in the deciding match the snowboard team was up by a considerable margin…only to be thwarted by the dreaded cross court shot into the basket from one of the freestyle ski team members, an automatic victory for the two plankers.

And of course a ridiculous youtube video, because truthfully, who does not like youtube…and the muppets, who are making a rapid comeback thanks to the monster that is Disney.

January 6, 2010

Some stories from last semester

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So one of the greatest part about being part of any organization or team is the memories that you have of great accomplishments or funny moments.  Over the next couple days I want to share a few of ours from the Fall of ’09:


The Football team played their final game of the season against rival Maine.  Down with a minute and a half to play the team managed to punch one in on a turnover, recover and onside kick, and march in another touchdown to win the first ever sanctioned Club Football contest.


For the Equestrian team it was event run well…and the winning doesn’t hurt.  Here is what they had to day:

Our most memorable moment from the Fall semester would be the entire day of our Home Show.  Not only did we win by 10 points with a nearly-perfect score, but we even had fun making Hand Turkeys to decorate a jump at 5 am.  Feel Good ran the concession stand,  the Dressage Team came to help hold horses, and the weather was perfect (even though our show was a month later than normal).  All of our new members were so excited to be helping run the show, the horses behaved perfectly and the club leaders were thrilled to have the day run so smoothly.

More to come tomorrow!!!!

December 18, 2009

A quiet ending to a loud semester

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So its Friday at 2:51 and I am the only one in the office.  With finals completed the only real action on campus is at the book store where students are trying to get as much money back for their used books as possible in the anticipation of the holidays and vacation.  The bookstore and SGA partnered to promote book buy back and offer an award for the clubs with the most votes.  Subsequently, a penguin, figure skaters in their dresses and skates and the dance team decked out in school spirit are camped outside the main entrance trying to win your endorsement.

In the chasm that is the Davis Center next week will be even more eerie with all the Dining options being shut down.  But there is still some work to be done here and there as several groups are already planning their 2010 trips and preparing to continue their momentum from Fall 09.  To reflect on fall 09 it was really one of our most spectacular semesters to date.  While no new clubs were added three or on the docket to join the club sports family in early 2010.  Regardless of those clubs be recognized, participation continues to rise with in the neighborhood of 1,500 Agreement to participate forms being completed by Club Sports Athletes.

From an Administrative perspective many of our initiatives have been acclimating nicely.  Paperless forms through The Lynx are how we do business and our start of year workshops went over nicely.  The Club Sports Council is slowly building steam and is looking forward to planning two awesome events for the spring time, a Club Sports Activities Fest and an Awards Banquet.

On the playing surfaces, many of our teams had unparalleled success with four of our groups being recognized as a top ten team in the nation.  Those teams are Field Hockey, Men’s rugby, Sailing, and Cycling.  Not only those clubs accomplished great things as our winning ercentage is definitely on the high side and we have claimed many prizes and put on even more great performances, case in point being the well over 300 people who viewed many of our dance groups at the Orchesis Performance two weekends ago.

Its always nice to toot your own horn but an area that was great this year to was our conduct.  While there are always a few hitches on the behavior end, the occasions this semester where far and few between and dealt with very professionally by our student leaders.  Kudos to them for handling things with such maturity.

Alas, it is break time…what is it I will be doing you ask.  Well a picture is worth a thousand word and when actually words are also included in addition to Katy Perry….well I’ll let you draw your own conclusion…

Original is way better than the dance remix

Club Sports wants to wish everyone a great winter break and to have fun it whatever you are doing.  See you in January!

December 8, 2009

Club Sports Commercial

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Check out the new video from UVM Club Sports

November 19, 2009

Trambopolines and more hockey pucks

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While the semester beings nearing its end and Thanksgiving break’s start can now be counted in hours, Club Sports are still active and Leon’s World Tour soldiers on.  Last weekend I began my wanderings with a trip to the running club where I joined them for, oh lets see, about a minute of there run before exhaustion and creaky old man knees told me that was enough.  The Running club, one of our newer club sports, provides an avenue for a slew of runners from those beginning their running journey to those who are training for half and whole marathons.  On this beautiful, albeit chilly (it is Vermont afterall) a loyal band of about 15 runners took off on the route affectionately known as the Catamount.

As they drifted off down spear st. I headed back inside to the equally chilly Gutterson Arena where the Women’s Club Ice Hockey team, currently in Division 2, took on the well established Divison 1 UMASS- Amhert team.  The visiting team was decked out in all the same gear, very expensive jerseys and professional coaches however their skill level and intensity was only asmidgen higher than that of our beloved Cats who battled them to very close losses over the weekend.

The contrast in the Women’s game was particularly interesting because the following day I made it to the Men’s game where they hosted Sacred Heart.  Sacred Heart’s club is a relative upstart compared to our Men’s ICe Hockey program and their skill level also was a few years behind as our men posted a convincing win.  It is fascinating to observe these differences as club Sports start to become entrenched in the national Lexicon of Higher Education.  As more and more students are seeking the avenues to play sports more and more programs pop up across the country.  Our “well established” Men’s club Ice Hockey program was created this decade and leagues and associations are popping up around the country to accomodate and effectively manage this recent boom!

Getting off the soapbox, I then went and got on the trampoline!  I visited the Gymnastics club in their home a couple miles off campus, an awesome facility that the club has exclusive rights to on Sunday nights.  I picked a fun day to show up as the girl’s prepared for their upcoming meet this weekend at Penn State.  To do so, they were holding a mock competition so I got to see the full performance and I must say we are a talented bunch.  Our more experienced gymnasts performed wonderfully but what was also super cool was the many less expereinced gymnasts who have recently picked up the sport because of our club and have learned more than enough skills at this point to perform some great moves!

As the women performed several of the male gymnasts were hanging out cheering the women on and…..playing (well technically speaking practicing) on the trampolines and foam pits!  This was very exciting and as you can imagine I could not resist the temptation to try these out.  They lived up to their hype and while I did not learn any new tricks the guys were glad to show me a couple they had come up with including the pat your head, rub your belly, front flip.

The Gymnastics club is coached by two awesome people.  The first is current undergraduate student but super experienced gymnast Kayla Rounds, whose expert spotting and tips keeps the club improving and safe.  The other is Gary Bruening, the club’s adviser whose involvement with the club goes back to its Varsity days just a few years back.  This spring, the club travels to Texas for NAIGC Nationals.

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