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October 13, 2009

Leon’s World Tour day one

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On Monday, October 12th, the world tour began!!  I started with women’s lax and as the temps dropped to the low 50s I had to dress accordingly with the goal of staying warm and making a statement.  I am not sure what statement that was but feel free to insert your own.  My camera was dead but fortunately Bernice was there to capture the moment:

ready for action

ready for action

So dressed to impress and ready to go, I ventured to the turf where a solid number of girls were in attendance getting prepared for a game at Dartmouth this weekend.  With my girls lacrosse stick in hand and goggles that did not fit on my head, i managed to keep up with the ladies and manage to score a goal or two.  I think they were taking it easy on me and I appreciated the gesture.  This group is definitely a talented bunch and come spring should do real well.

After Dinner and warming up a little I made it over to Water Polo practice.  They did not take it easy on me.  Swimming is not my strength and as I learned a good swim workout precedes most practices.  After being thoroughly demolished in all the swimming practice my time to shine as the shallow end goalie had arrived (playing this position meant I was allowed to stand instead of treading water).  As I mentioned there was no mercy from the guys and girls at water polo as they torched me for several goals including one from the middle of the pool by club president Trevor Edmunds.   I managed a couple of saves though and with ego intact it was time to call it a night!

The team also worked on a play called the “Flying V”.  This could be the coolest thing I have ever seen.  The basically swam at the other team in V formation until they got close enough to launch a shot not to mention there was a lot of quacking involved.

Quack, Quack, Quack…..go CATS!

One really great thing I got to see on this first day was a couple of our newest and younger coaches.   Liddy, who has just come on board with Women’s Lacrosse and Denny, a former Polo officer and UVM swimmer were at the helm for their respective teams.  Both did a fantastic job and its awesome that while our programs main focus is providing opportunites for students to have fun and grow, that we can also provide an avenue for young professional like Liddy and Denny to stay involved in sport and develop as coaches.  I know both clubs are psyched to have them on board.


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