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October 16, 2009

…and the journey continues

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Last nights events were a contrast in styles and a good example of how vastly diverse in nature our program is.  Women’s club basketball was first on the docket.  The women’s practice on Thursday nights consists of scrimmaging.  The action was very quick with the teams going up and down the court.  There were no set plays but the play was very intelligent, with tons of creativity being shown on both sides and highly entertaining to watch.  I did have the opportunity to play a little but assure you I was not as quick up and down the court.  My stats for the day:

Shooting: 3-10

Assists: 2 or 3

Rebounds: 15

Clearly my stregnth was rebounding!  This is likely due to the fact that I outweighed the average team member probably by 75 pounds not to mention the fact that I was dripping with sweat!

I wandered around the gym a bit after that and unfortunately did not quite catch up with a couple folks I wanted to, but never fear, Orchesis Dance was here!  Orchesis dance was in stark contrast to the basketball game.  In Orchesis, each semester different members of the club take turns choreographing different the numbers that go into the end of year.  The girls involved in the number I watched took their time meticulously combing through each step so come 6 weeks from now the show will be perfect.  While the dances were original and creative there was a very set script for the end product.

It was another great and fun evening.  It was telling to see the different leadership styles in contrast.  One of the areas of the program that we are most proud of is the development of our student leaders.  Each is unique their style but effective (hopefully) in their own way.  We are very proud of all of them and I really enjoy seeing them doing thier thing.

In many cases, last night being a prime example, our clubs resemble something of a lost animal in the sporting world and that is the attitufe of the playground!  The playgorund attitude of getting together, being creative, and self leading has been dieing in recent years and the skills of today’s youth is apparent in that.  However, here at UVM, in many of our clubs, student’s get a chance to return to the roots of sports…and of course have fun!

8 Clubs down this week, 41 more to go…stay tuned!


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