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October 20, 2009

A peaceful day on Lake Champlain

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With hockey practice looming on the horizon a calm, relaxing day, was in store so I met up with the UVM Sailing team down on Lake Champlain!  I got picked up in the coach boat and tossed on my life jacket and headed out it into the middle of what is becoming a very cold body of water.  Decked out in full on winter gear about 25 UVM sailors in a dozen boats were working on their technique in one of the few sunny days in the past couple of weeks.  Sailing is a sport of technique I learned, and the sailors were working to gyrate their bodies in the best possible way to avoid getting smoked by the mast, falling out of the boat, not crashing into other boats, and of course, going as fast as possible despite waves in the lake and erratic winds not making up their mind which way they wanted to go.  Led by Coach Assad, the team continues to improve.

The team lines up for drills

The team lines up for drills

It was great to see so many folks out on the water in the midst of mid-term season.  It truly shows the commitment or our student-athletes to balancing academics while pursuing sport, one of the missions of Club Sports.

The Sailing team is currently ranked 14 in the country, the third ranked team at UVM behind Men’s Varsity Ice Hockey and the Cycling Team, 2 out of the 3 being Club Sports!

Apparently next time, the club is going to toss me into a boat and see how I do.  Since the boats cost lots of money, I chose just to observe this time.

I did also take some of the coolest pictures I have ever taken (above) and some video of the team working out and deftly avoiding some rowers:


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