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October 23, 2009

Scissor kicking the night away

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The Martial Arts were first on the docket for Wednesday evening.  I made my way over to Trinity Campus in hopes of checking out Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and then TaeKwon Do. While I did get to watch some BJJ, unfortunately it was from the window as the doors to Mann Hall were locked.  I was later informed that the doors are supposed to be on a timer, supposed to be, the key phrase in that sentence.  From my perch at the window, there were about 35 ladies and gentleman grappling on the mats under the watchful eyes of the instructor, Vincent Guy.  This was an excellent turnout, particularly during mid term season.  BJJ is a growing sport and the club has done an amazing job of creating an opportunity to learn in a safe and well strucutred climate.

I did make it into the buidling in time for TKD where I received some private lessons from Master Hart and Master Schulte.  I learned the basic kicks and had the opportunity to watch the students show off their skills in both kicking demos and sparring practice.  There are some great videos of both of these on our youtube channel including a solid sparring session between club officers Derek Wheeler and Kay Gallagher:

There were two highlights for me at TKD.  The first was watching the black belts interact with the white belts.  In addition to being welcoming and good ambassadors of both the club and the discipline, they were also charged with helping the white belts.  Seeing our students gaining these very transferable experience was great, and as MAster hart told me, that is one of the missions of the club!

The second highlight for me was learning, and to some extent performing, a scissor kick round kick. Now this is not me below, but I am pretty sure that it is exactly what I looked like when performing this challenging and awesome kick.

After that muscle stretching experience it was time to head over to the courts for some basketball and volleyball.  On the drive over 95 triple-x had some solid tunes playing to get me psyched up for some more sports (…tonights gonna be a good good night…..yeah yeah)

Men’s basketball and Women’s Volleyball were on adjacent courts in the indoor track complex making it easy to watch both teams at the same time.  It was an oppportune night as both teams were preparing for the first matches of the year.  The Women’s Volleyball club has gained full membership to the New England Club Volleybal League and has the opportunity, with a young but experienced team, to perform very well in the stronger of the league’s two divisions led by their one and only senior, club president Jenny Dykhuizen.  Men’s Basketball, is another team on the rise.  The club begins its season at Junior College, New Hampshire Technology Institute, and is looking to fill its docket with games this year in preparation for the annual NIRSA regional tournament this spring in Boston.  The Men’s club basketball was working on inbound plays and defence in preparation for their opener led by student coaches Brandon and Tate, another awesome example of the strong student leadership that we see in our organizations.

Check out the skill of the Volleyball team below:

Until next time sports fans…tonights gonna be a good good night….I’ve got a feeling…..


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