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October 26, 2009

Becoming the next Michael Phelps…minus the sketchy facebook pictures of course

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Last Thursday was another gorgeous day in Vermont!  Cold, rain, mist, all of the good things you expect this time of year in Vermont.  But that was no detterent to the Women’s Club Soccer team as President avery Hurst led the bundled up team through practice with a focus on corner kicks.  Not as bundled up as I should have been, I wandered over to RedStone campus to observe.  I had the pleasure of meetings Avery’s dad who in town visiting his daughter, was braving the elements to watch practice.  Avery’s dad was quick to point out how great of expereince his daughter was having with the club and how excited he was that she was meeting so many people and gaining valuable leadership skills.  A well traveled man, he was alsoi poinitng out a couple other great opportunites Avery has had while at UVM including the opportunites to travel to Toronto and Costa Rica as part of school sponsored programs.  After watching the scene below, and a quality chat with a proud parent, I decided it was time to head in for the day.

After a yummy dinner of leftovers my mom had brought up for me (Thanks mom!) it was off to Swim practice.  I will qualify my performance first and foremost that I am more of an ocean swimmer where its about keeping your head up, paddling, and navigating waves.  The relatively stable conditions of the pool were not my element, nor were the butterfly or breast strokes.  With about 35-40 swimmers on a Thursday night the team had members in all the lanes.  I chose the 6th lane, the stroke development lane, where coach Becky taught us some basic skills as well as how to dive off the starting blocks (more on my perfrmance doing this in the video below).  In the other lanes coach Zack put the swimmers through the paces as they prepare for three meets in the next 6 weeks or so!  Swimming was one of the tougher disciplines as I much more accustomed to being a fish out of water as opposed to in it.  However, as you can see below, the coaching and the encouragment of the other swimmers led to some swift improvement!

Me off of the starting blocks!

Me by the end of practice

For those of you unfamiliar with UVMs acaedemic calendar, it is the thick of mid-term season.  With work , outside commitments, and the current world tour I was truly exhausted by the weekend and did very little (I know not much different than usual for me)!  It is impressive to such such good turnouts at our club’s practices as students begin dealing with the busiest time of the young school year!  Way to be student-athletes!


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