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October 30, 2009

a hula hoop to the face

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When talking about all of our great dance groups I was terrible amiss in leaving out Hula Hoop Dancing.  One of our younger clubs, hula hoop dancing, or “hooping” as it is known on the streets as a discipline can be traced to ancient times but the current version is merely a decade old.  Hoopers and Hooping can be seen at international music events like burning man, Central PArk (right next to the roller skate dancers) and of course on UVMs campus.

The club led by Instructors Julia Helmes and Gary Johnson practice for fitness and fun as well as the opportunity to perform in several performances throughout the year!  I jumped in and tried to keep up with the hoopers as they worked through their routine but the only thing I really accomplished was finding ways to hit myself in the head and other parts of the body not to be discussed in this forum.  And I assure you, the hoops that hoopers used are significantly more heavy duty then those little plastic things from back on the day.  Nonetheless, at the encouragment of the club, I preserved and learned some new tricks like the helicopter, around the world, and I even managed to get the hoop to go around my body a few times, further proof that it really is, “all in the hips.”

This is what I looked like trying to hoop it up:

Now check out what our UVM Hoop Dancers look like – this was taken at last spring’s Orchesis Dance Performance,very cool stuff:

This weekend I’m off to a Crew Race followed by another week of hijinx and adventures, see you there!




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