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November 4, 2009

A sword to the face

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Continuing with the theme of getting hit in the face with blunt objects, I took another leap into the dangerous world that are UVM Club Sports.  It all started out pretty ok with a pre-club sports visit to the Tennis Courts.  Expecting a nice round of hitting around with a buddy we were promplty challenged by a couple of Intermural tennis players.  Needing to defend our honor we accepted the challenge….we lost 6-0!

Thoroughly embarrassed, I wandered up the stairs to check out the Catamount Dance Crew as they learned a new routine and practiced some old ones.   As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I suppose these several videos at the link below speak volumes.

Led by Senior “Ace”, the CDC has already had several performances this year and should draw their usual massive crowd for their showcase come spring time.  The music choices and the enthusiasm of the dancers definitely gets the adrenaline pumping.  It reminded me of the golory days in TO with my dance crew, The Rexdalians.  I miss you Ted Woodland, the Republic dance floor will never be the same!

Next was Salle Catamount, the UVM Fencing club who were preparing for the second tournament of the semester and their first large scale collegiate competition.  Under the guidance of Joanna Flynn, I learned some of the basic footwork associated with fencing.  I think I did quite well at this…and then they put the sword in my hand.  The feet and hands were not exactly on the same page but I did learn some parries and thrusts.  I have always wondered what it was like to get hit with a fencing sword and it kind of stings.  My teacher Joanna assured me she doesn’t really feel it anymore which leads me to the conclusion that she is way tougher than me.  I had the opportunity to try all three major weapons, the foil, epee, and Sabre.  My favorite was clearly the sabre; why you might ask?  Because you get to bop people on the head with it!  There is just something hilarious about watching someone get bopped on the head, see exhibit A, Wiley Coyote:

After my quick tutorial, I was ready to challenge Keegan in a sword fight.  We saluted, got set, and began our duel.  After a parry and a thrust I managed to score first.  This was mainly because Keegan, who is right handed, was using his left hand to fence.  We had two solid matches but Keegan managed to squeak at 5-4 victories on both occasions.  One thing Keegan mentioned a little while back though, is that Fencing is an art form.  This is very true and was evident watching the practice.  I fear that my performance was perhaps the abstract art version of the form.

Fencing is an ancient and very cool sport.  Check out this video from the 19th century


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