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November 9, 2009

one, two, three the monkey’s got a hockey stick….

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Last Thursday I had the pleasure to visit the UVM Men’s Club Hockey team who had a rare on campus practice.  UVM is a great school with many resources and facilities but the inevitability of being a good size school is there is a large demand for things like books, class registration, and of course using facilities like the rink.  Thankfully, Burlington is a vibrant community with tons of places not too far from campus to meet Club Sports needs and of course those of greater Burlington residents.

On this night, though, I got to skate at the Gut and once again work with the team’s goaltenders.  I was relatively nice to them but they were hard workers and I like forward to pushing them again at some time in the future.  I also got to jump into a little three on three where puck possesion with my linemates, ala the Detroit Red Wings, proved to be a great strategy!  Undoubtedly, this practice led to my two goals (and two posts…one more bar and I would have won three bar) performance in adult league last night.

Two thing the club hockey team provides for its players is a great balance and a lot of camaraderie.  It was apparent from the moment I stepped on the ice that everyone got along really well and they were as excited to be spending time with each other as they were to be playing hockey, a point that was emphasized when in the locker room.  Now back to that whole balance thing, this is one of the toughest things for college students with academics, work, and all kinds of other temptations and new experiences.  While the hockey club does a fair bit of traveling they are also very conscious of those other things, especially academics and this is evident as the team only on rare occasions has students in jeoparady of academic probation and has many students who have received accolades for their academic (and other extra-curricular) success.

So why the monkey reference in the title?  Well, for two reasons:

1.  I am very disheartened that the Evil Monkey in family guy is no longer evil, he was my favorite character!

2.  There are many great hockey songs out there, such as “the good ole hockey game” and “I wanna ride the zamboni” but my favorite is the one below courtesy of the Zambonis, a touring band whose wardrobe and every song, is hockey!  The song was also, the theme song for a show called “The Loop” which before cancellation, I thought was hilarious.  Clearly I have odd taste, because just like “The Loop” most shows I think are awesome go the same root, quickly canceled.


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