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November 11, 2009

Flying around on a swiffer

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If there is one things that UVM students posess, besides style of course, is imagination and creativity.  Quiditch is a prime example of that and I took turns flying around on a swiffer this past weekend along with the prospective UVM Quidditch team who have already participated in International competition that being last months World Cup of Quidditch which took place at nearby Middlebury college.

What is Quidditch you ask?  Well, frankly there is no good explanation but it is truly a chaotic event with basically 3 sports rolled into one.  Those sports are Team handball, with several team members trying to toss a volleyball through three hoops;  Dodgeball, with a couple of team members playing defence by throwing dodgeballs at the opposing team; and some rugby because what fun is a sport without tackling.

Being new to the sport, and a bit of a slob, I had no broom so I borrowed a metal swiffer from one of the team members.  I am pretty poor runner and apparently an even worse flyer as keeping the swiffer between my legs was more than challenging…and perhaps even a little painful.  I did have one glorious moment where I took the quaffle (the volleyball) end to end narrowly avoiding a bludger (the dodgeball) with a quick little spin jump, and darted toward the net where I was tackled to the ground.  Miraculously, I got the shot toward the hoop where it sailed on target…and then it got blocked!

Oh well, the 20 students present on Redstone Green this past weekend were a testament to the ingenuity of UVM students and further proof that organized chaos is just flat out fun!

As the sport grows as the Harry Potter generation fully matriculates, the International Quidditch Association with the afformentioned Middlebury at its center, is gaining teams from all over North America.  Check it out on facebook:

or the official website:

Coming up on the docket:  UVM’s Freestyle Ski team vs. The Snowboard team in an ‘epic’ dodgeball game.  Rumor is winning team gets dibs on first tracks.


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