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November 13, 2009

From the streets to a racquetball court near you

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Last night I visited one of our newest clubs, the racquetball club, who get together a couple evenings a week to hit the big blue (or green) ball.  Now for those of you who did not know I am quite the accomplished handball player of the New York Variety.  Games between myself and arch rival, Cristian Rolando Allegre Ortega, are still the stuff of legends on the concrete courts of Long Beach High School and the Monroe Courts.  While Cris is forgetful in his old age, and might tell you otherwise, my adeptness at getting rollers and placing the ball in a manner that to hit it back meant cutting your head on a rusty fence was no match for his cut shot and willingness to dive on the cement.  Street games in general have dominated the NYC landscape with handball being so popular that every town in metro area has park space dedicated to it.  Check out this documentary trailer from some of NYCs most famous on street games:

Racquetball is much like handball except with four walls, a cieling, and of course racquets.  Its simplicity at heart – you only need a aracquet and a ball – make it the closest thing to a street game for college students across the country.  Current Racquetball President, and former Student Government Association President, Jay Taylor’s passion for the sport sprung from his participation in the PE class taught by the legendary and always prepared with lollipops Paul Reinhart.  Jay, seeking an opportunity to improve and find games started the club which has two main compnenents – a recreational side to set up games between students and learn the sport; and a competitve squad where UVM’s best ballers represent the Catamounts in the Eastern Collegiate Racquetball Association.

Jay and I battled yesterday for three games that pitted my passing shots against his aggresive and very quick play.  The games were pretty intense and eneded up a draw as Jay had to hurry to one of his other campus engagements.  A racquetball court may not seem like much, but amidst the all the chaos, you work up an excellent physical and mental sweat!  A perfect reprieve from the daily grind at UVM.

The club next travels to New Jersey for their second competition of the year and of course will be on the courts leanring and honing their game weeknights in the PFG complex.

Fortunately this clip below did not happen to either of us but something about it just makes you smile:



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