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November 19, 2009

Trambopolines and more hockey pucks

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While the semester beings nearing its end and Thanksgiving break’s start can now be counted in hours, Club Sports are still active and Leon’s World Tour soldiers on.  Last weekend I began my wanderings with a trip to the running club where I joined them for, oh lets see, about a minute of there run before exhaustion and creaky old man knees told me that was enough.  The Running club, one of our newer club sports, provides an avenue for a slew of runners from those beginning their running journey to those who are training for half and whole marathons.  On this beautiful, albeit chilly (it is Vermont afterall) a loyal band of about 15 runners took off on the route affectionately known as the Catamount.

As they drifted off down spear st. I headed back inside to the equally chilly Gutterson Arena where the Women’s Club Ice Hockey team, currently in Division 2, took on the well established Divison 1 UMASS- Amhert team.  The visiting team was decked out in all the same gear, very expensive jerseys and professional coaches however their skill level and intensity was only asmidgen higher than that of our beloved Cats who battled them to very close losses over the weekend.

The contrast in the Women’s game was particularly interesting because the following day I made it to the Men’s game where they hosted Sacred Heart.  Sacred Heart’s club is a relative upstart compared to our Men’s ICe Hockey program and their skill level also was a few years behind as our men posted a convincing win.  It is fascinating to observe these differences as club Sports start to become entrenched in the national Lexicon of Higher Education.  As more and more students are seeking the avenues to play sports more and more programs pop up across the country.  Our “well established” Men’s club Ice Hockey program was created this decade and leagues and associations are popping up around the country to accomodate and effectively manage this recent boom!

Getting off the soapbox, I then went and got on the trampoline!  I visited the Gymnastics club in their home a couple miles off campus, an awesome facility that the club has exclusive rights to on Sunday nights.  I picked a fun day to show up as the girl’s prepared for their upcoming meet this weekend at Penn State.  To do so, they were holding a mock competition so I got to see the full performance and I must say we are a talented bunch.  Our more experienced gymnasts performed wonderfully but what was also super cool was the many less expereinced gymnasts who have recently picked up the sport because of our club and have learned more than enough skills at this point to perform some great moves!

As the women performed several of the male gymnasts were hanging out cheering the women on and…..playing (well technically speaking practicing) on the trampolines and foam pits!  This was very exciting and as you can imagine I could not resist the temptation to try these out.  They lived up to their hype and while I did not learn any new tricks the guys were glad to show me a couple they had come up with including the pat your head, rub your belly, front flip.

The Gymnastics club is coached by two awesome people.  The first is current undergraduate student but super experienced gymnast Kayla Rounds, whose expert spotting and tips keeps the club improving and safe.  The other is Gary Bruening, the club’s adviser whose involvement with the club goes back to its Varsity days just a few years back.  This spring, the club travels to Texas for NAIGC Nationals.


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