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December 18, 2009

A quiet ending to a loud semester

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So its Friday at 2:51 and I am the only one in the office.  With finals completed the only real action on campus is at the book store where students are trying to get as much money back for their used books as possible in the anticipation of the holidays and vacation.  The bookstore and SGA partnered to promote book buy back and offer an award for the clubs with the most votes.  Subsequently, a penguin, figure skaters in their dresses and skates and the dance team decked out in school spirit are camped outside the main entrance trying to win your endorsement.

In the chasm that is the Davis Center next week will be even more eerie with all the Dining options being shut down.  But there is still some work to be done here and there as several groups are already planning their 2010 trips and preparing to continue their momentum from Fall 09.  To reflect on fall 09 it was really one of our most spectacular semesters to date.  While no new clubs were added three or on the docket to join the club sports family in early 2010.  Regardless of those clubs be recognized, participation continues to rise with in the neighborhood of 1,500 Agreement to participate forms being completed by Club Sports Athletes.

From an Administrative perspective many of our initiatives have been acclimating nicely.  Paperless forms through The Lynx are how we do business and our start of year workshops went over nicely.  The Club Sports Council is slowly building steam and is looking forward to planning two awesome events for the spring time, a Club Sports Activities Fest and an Awards Banquet.

On the playing surfaces, many of our teams had unparalleled success with four of our groups being recognized as a top ten team in the nation.  Those teams are Field Hockey, Men’s rugby, Sailing, and Cycling.  Not only those clubs accomplished great things as our winning ercentage is definitely on the high side and we have claimed many prizes and put on even more great performances, case in point being the well over 300 people who viewed many of our dance groups at the Orchesis Performance two weekends ago.

Its always nice to toot your own horn but an area that was great this year to was our conduct.  While there are always a few hitches on the behavior end, the occasions this semester where far and few between and dealt with very professionally by our student leaders.  Kudos to them for handling things with such maturity.

Alas, it is break time…what is it I will be doing you ask.  Well a picture is worth a thousand word and when actually words are also included in addition to Katy Perry….well I’ll let you draw your own conclusion…

Original is way better than the dance remix

Club Sports wants to wish everyone a great winter break and to have fun it whatever you are doing.  See you in January!


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