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January 22, 2010

A few more fun stories

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So one week down in the Spring semester already with our schedule meeting and workshops out of the way.  With practicing starting this upcoming week, here are a few more stories from the road last semester.

From Men’s volleyball:

In order to avoid being charged the extra money per person for hotel rooms, we always just have some team members go in the front door of the hotel and other sneak in a side door that we open for them, or we take turns walking in the hotel in small groups. This has always worked, and come on, paying additional money per person is nuts since we all share the beds anyways and aren’t taking up any additional space. So back in October, we had our plan to sneak in the second half of the team through a side door of this hotel in a pretty shady looking part of Massachusetts. When the first group of us walked in, the manager asked if there were any more of us to which we said there were not. When I went to the side door to let the rest of the team in, the manager was there waiting for me with another hotel employee. The manager then starts yelling at me, “Why did you lie to me huh?” When replying that I did not know what he was talking about, he kicks the door open and points to the rest of our team waiting by our van. Apparently, the other hotel employee had seen us pull in with the van and they assumed that we did not just have four people traveling with us so they went to the side door and caught the rest of our team waiting by the door. After flipping out on me for a few minutes, the manager says how he is going to charge us for the extra people, which he could have just done in a calm manner when I first came to the door to let my team in. However, he had to go the dramatic route and bust the door in just to make his point. For the rest of the night, whenever we left our room we could see the manager keeping constant watch on us like he was expecting us to do something else. He was the only hotel employee I have ever met in my three years on the team that has ever cared about us having more than 2 people in a room.

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