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March 4, 2010

March Break – a story of Jekyl and Hyde

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With March Break quickly approaching things once again go into Jekyl and Hyde mode here at the offices.  While most students are winding down and packing up their dorm rooms about 200 of our Club Sports Athletes are packing for Spring training trips.  7 teams are traveling to warmer locales like Georgia, Virgina, and Ireland!

Ireland, crazy stuff right?  Yes, especially when Neward airport experiences weather related issues that ground their flights our of Burlington.  How to get 25 ruggers to Dublin?  Well first you have to chat with the airline and get their flights switch to Manchester, NH.  Fantastic!  But how do you get to Manchester from Burlington?  Well you frantically call around until finally a bus company agrees to take you on short notice and defer payment until returning from the trip!  Crisis averted.

And then back to calm with students finishing up mid-terms and excited about their spring break plans or just a week off from school.  But then, crisis stirkes again….several clubs want to leave but there might not be enough vans back for their departure time….scramble scramble scramble…and it all works out….back to surfing the web until next time….

Our latest Club Sports Commerical, for your enjoyment:


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